About Us

About Us

Dr.Mehak Kaushik


PGDCC From Austrlia
Certified in Laser and Aesthetic medicine from Uni. of Greifswald Germany
Certified by DJPIMAC, Mumbai

Dr Mehak is a leading cosmetologies and Skin Laser Expert. Her special interests include taking care of all Cosmetic needs related to Skin and Hair, Her specially designed Medifacial are new age revolutionary treatment for a rodiant skin.

Dr. Mehak Kaushik made the switch to cosmetic medicine following her lifelong passion for beauty. Her skills and expertise are a result of her extensive grooming and experience in the fields of cosmetology.

Dr. Mehak has special interest in Laser and aesthetic procedures and is enormously appreciated for her skilful treatment delivery by the patients. Her expertise in the areas of treating skin and hair providing the people with desirable aesthetics makes her one of the best cosmetologist in Jaipur.

Dr. Mehak is well known for her particular expertise in designing anti-aging, anti-acne treatments with exceptional success and optimum cosmetic elegance. These particular conditions need specialized non-harsh therapies in order to be successful with minimal side effects, before shifting to jaipur she has lent her expertise at blush, Mumbai where she dealt with bollywood celebrities and beauty paegent contestants.